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Amoena Combini Tankini Swim Top
Amoena Combini Tankini Swim Top
Amoena Combini Tankini Swim Top
Amoena Combini Tankini Swim Top
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Amoena Combini Tankini Swim Top

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Stylish swimsuit of tankini Combini Tankini Swim Top real fashionistas! A lightweight top with a built-in soft bodice and adjustable straps allows you to adjust the neckline, and elegant drapery on the bodice hides age-related changes. The loose cut hides the minor flaws of the figure and forms an attractive silhouette. The fashionable print on the top brings an element of elegance and lightness.

  • The cut of the swimsuit is made in such a way that it completely hides the exoprosthesis, making the silhouette naturally elegant;
  • In one-sided mastectomy, complete symmetry of the sides of the chest is ensured;
  • Soft and wide adjustable straps prevent them from being cut into the shoulder and evenly distribute the weight of the exoprosthesis. They are an integral part in the prevention of lymphoedema and are also suitable for women with heavy bust;
  • Tight, high neckline combined with elastic materials and straps provides reliable fixation and support, as well as hides scars;
  • The soft edging of the high armhole in the armpit hides the area of postoperative scars. So the prosthesis remains invisible. Shoulder mobility remains optimal without unpleasant concomitant phenomena such as pain, compression or rubbing;
  • Breast exoprosthesis is securely fixed thanks to the built-in mobide with pockets for the prosthesis, preventing slipping and displacement;
  • The bodice cups provide good fixation and double-sided support;
  • Special fabric LYCRA® XTRA LIFETM is resistant to salty sea water and chlorine, which is usually added to water in swimming pools, and does not lose its qualities over time.


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*** All swimwear are final sale ***

After swimming:

  • Rinse your swimsuit in cool, clean water immediately to get rid of most salt, sand or chlorine.
  • To remove excess water, roll the swimsuit in a clean, light-coloured towel and gently squeeze.
  • Don’t leave your swimsuit wrapped in a towel –allow it to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.

Washing your swimsuit:

  • Wash your swimsuit after use, as body oil and perspiration can break down the elasticity.
  • Always hand wash your swimwear in cool water, using a mild liquid soap. Turn the swimsuit inside out to prevent damage to the outside.
  • Rinse well and gently squeeze in a towel to remove excess water.
  • UV exposure can fade the colours of your swimwear.  Allow to air dry, but never in direct sunlight.
  • Intense heat can damage your swimwear, never use a dryer or an iron.
  • Lay your swimsuit flat or hang to dry, which will prevent wrinkles, and do not store it until completely dry.
  • To avoid the ‘baggy swimsuit’ look; take advantage of Lycra’s fabulous shape retention abilities by waiting 24 hours for your swimsuit to dry before wearing it again.

If you swim regularly, take part in aqua aerobics or spend time in hot tubs, you will find you need to replace your swimsuit more regularly. Look for costumes made from LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, which are more resistant to chlorine. Nearly all Amoena swimwear includes this performance fabric.

Amoena created Tailored, fashionable, performance, pocketed swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis that will create a splash.

There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the trademark comfort and security that you've come to expect from Amoena products, while enjoying a day on the beach, or around the pool. To create our exclusive swimwear range, we've combined the latest in hi-tech fabrics with innovative tailoring to ensure total confidence, whether you're lapping up the sun, or swimming laps. With special features like bilateral pockets, which hold the breast form securely in place and adjustable straps for the perfect fit, you'll find the Amoena difference evident in every aspect of our swimwear range.

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