Hair Loss Solutions and Post-Mastectomy Care Products and Services

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• Preventive solutions and specialized hair care products that help regain optimal hair health
• Help to clients who lose their hair after undergoing chemotherapy treatments
• Assistance in providing an optimal environment for the hair follicle to promote the              healthiest hair possible
• Reducing unpleasant odours caused by an oily scalp
• Refreshing, purifying, sanitizing and help with control of an itching scalp
• Elimination of dry or oily scales from the scalp without damaging the hair, while restoring the normal scalp pH balance
• Help with side effects of conditions such as: seasonal shedding, cradle cap, psoriasis, eczema, and damage caused by chemical services or chemotherapy
• Increased vitality and body to the fine hair bulb and shaft
• Cleansing of all buildup on the hair, keeping it free from all adherences, lacquers, and greasy substances
• Protection from exterior toxic elements
• Fortification and hydration of hair, adding luster and elasticity

Post Chemotherapy Hair and Scalp Care:

Indulge in some post chemotherapy hair / scalp care to prevent thinning and over drying. Your scalp after treatment is prone to excessive drying due to less active sebaceous glands. The idea is to stimulate these glands, resulting in prevention of hair follicle shrinkage and excessive dryness. Terapo Medic has created a line that is gentle and natural to allow for use during treatment. Benefits of using these products is two fold: to decrease unwanted effects of medical treatments and to promote growth in your new hair.


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