Things you might need to ask your doctor before surgery to
                       better understand your options:

• What kind of surgery are you recommending?
• How much of my breast will be removed?
• What are the risks of this surgery?
• What are the risks if I decide not to have the surgery?
• Why do I need this particular procedure?
• What kind of incision am I going to have?
• How long can I expect to stay in the hospital?
• What kind of follow-up care will I need?
• How long will my recovery take?
• If I have a mastectomy, am I a candidate for reconstruction?
• What options do I have?
• How long will an implant last? What happens if I gain or loose   weight?
• How much pain or discomfort can I expect after reconstruction?
• Will I need more than one surgery?
• Will they all require general anesthesia?
• When will you have the results of my pathology tests?
• What restrictions, if any, will I have on my normal activities while   recovering?
• How much help will I need at home post-surgery?
• Should I expect swelling in my arm? What steps can I take to help   prevent the onset of lymphedema?
• How often will I see you for follow-up care?

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