The steps in progress that a woman will have after
                               brest cancer surgery.
  • Immediately after surgery: a post-operative camisole to be worn while healing, for comfort and ease; the fibre filled leisure form is best to use with a camisole;
  • Less then a month to six weeks: soft, cotton leisure bras with front closure and pockets to hold a leisure form, while still healing; the foam form can be used, providing a more natural look than fibre filled form, easing back into regular activities;
  • More than a month or six weeks after surgery: getting back into regular activities and routines a traditional bra with pockets to hold a breast form that looks and feels natural can be fitted;
  • Leaving life to the fullest: just like before the surgery, bras that fit all occasions, including matching bra and panty sets; different styles of breast prosthesis and brassieres give all day comfort, for special occasions and sport activities.
  After breast conserving surgery breasts are asymmetric.
The partial prosthesis address the problem by filling, covering and concealing almost any breast asymmetry. These forms are recommended after shrinkage, radiation, naturally uneven breasts, as an enhancer during reconstruction, to adjust for weight gain or loss, to offset imbalance that results from natural aging process.

Hairstyls for all occassions