Bea's Mastectomy Boutique is dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors reclaim a positive body image and restore confidence. Conveniently located in All Hair Alternatives Studio, where a wide range of wigs and head coverings are available, we provide
one-stop shopping for people living with cancer.

   Our private fitting rooms assure confidentiality while
certified fitters work with a full range of prosthesis and bras from Amoena, True Life, Airway and ABC to create balance and symmetry.

  Swimwear selections and a variety of related clothing are also available.

  Comfortable solutions exist for every situation, from post-surgical camisoles with soft fiberfill prosthesis, to lightweight breast forms with the latest climate control technology.

  Partial breast shapers can create equalization when there is a noticeable difference in size or shape between breasts naturally, or following a lumpectomy or reconstruction.

            Home and hospitals visits can be arranged.
              An appointment is highly recommended.

Hairstyls for all occassions