Complete your look with the accessories that
                        you can find in our boutique:

  • Adhesive nipples (2/case)
  • Bra extenders: easy to trim for best possible fit;
  • Shoulder pads (2/box): prevents bra straps from sliding;
  • Soft cleanser: for use in daily cleaning of breast forms;
  • Skin balance gel cream: moisturizes skin in chest area;
  • "It Stays": roll-on adhesive;
  • Breast form covers: sized to match breast form;
  • Camisole and bra inserts: provides bra coverage;
  • Cover Ups: eliminates nipple definition through garments;
  • Back pad and foils: back cover for contact breast form;
  • and more...
  We also offer a range of comfortable and feminine blouses, house coats, warmwear, panties, compression stockings, hats, scarves, and turbans.

Hairstyls for all occassions