Post-breast surgery swimwear combines fashion with comfort.

  All swimsuits are cut higher under the arms and around the neck line to offer discreet coverage. Each bra cup conceals a pocket to hold a swimform securely in place. There is a wide variety of designs, colours and styles to suit every women life style.

  The proper prosthesis used with swimwear is swimform made of clear silicone, formed with hollow, concave back allowing water to flow through for maximum comfort and security in and out of the water.

     The proper care will preserve your swimsuit:
  • after use, rinse suit in cool, fresh water;
  • hand wash using a mild soap;
  • gently squeeze excess water - do not wring;
  • do not wrap in a towel or leave the wet swimwear in the plastic bag for a long time;
  • air dry your suit in the shade;
  • never use clothes dryer.
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