While wearing a breast form helps a woman's body image, confidence, self esteem and feminine shape it also plays an important medical roll. Wearing a correctly fit breast form that matches remaining breast in size and shape helps to replace the breast weight and keeps the body alignment evenly balanced. Not wearing the form can cause back, neck and shoulder problems.

  Breast prosthesis are created in a wide range of shapes, types and sizes to compliment a woman's natural beauty. Designed to be worn by women of all ages, surgery types and life styles.

  Amoena is the worldwide leader of post-breast surgery products. Manufactures high quality and innovative breast forms and brassiere. Develops products with features that best fit woman's lifestyles as well as current surgery trends and types: mastectomy, lumpectomy reconstruction, breast enhancement or reduction.

  Trulife, under the brand name Naturalwear, offers innovative and unique silk breast forms which closely resemble the natural breast in shape, texture and movement. Detailed brassiere feature quality construction. Fashionable and feminine styles provides secure fit.

  An experienced and trained fitter will choose the correct size and shape of the breast form and bra. Fitting rooms are private, quiet, and comfortable, having a home like environment.

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