Thinking ecologically and leading a healthier life are the biggest social trends. We recognize this by supplying high quality products to our clients. For our perms and colours we provide the most natural, gentle and highest quality chemicals made by: Schawrzkopf, Redken and ABBA. For home maintenance to help clients keep beautiful, healthy hair and up keep the style we provide products made by:





Pure Performance Hair care for all types of hair, specialty products for everyone's satisfaction.

line for men from dry to oily hair and scalp, styling options and body care.

the line supporting cancer research; every bottle has ingredients made of natural herbs to provide hair with shine, moisture, proteins minerals and vitamins.

organically grown natural ingredients; specialized line to help grow hair in healthy manner with long lasting effects.

ESSENSITY - new, eco-conscious line, made with more then 90% naturally derived ingredients; IGORA ROYAL - beautiful colours, gentle to hair fibre; BLOND-ME - fine mist formula for illuminating shine; OSIS - styling.

Hairstyls for all occassions