• More realistic appearance,
  • Same styling requirements as your own hair,
  • Can be coloured or permed (with limitations),
  • Can tolerate medium heat from styling tools.
  • Re-styling is required after shampooing or getting wet,
  • Colour will fade in time,
  • Hair will break and split,
  • Less durable then synthetic fiber wig.
Warning: DON'T
  • Use hot water for shampooing,
  • Rub back and forth when cleaning,
  • Overly treat with chemicals,
  • Brush when wet,
  • Use excessive heat and back-combing or harsh brushing,
  • Use other products than instructed,
  • Leave it down on a counter when styled,
  • Leave the wig unattended around children and animals.

Hairstyls for all occassions