Human hair wigs are more difficult to take care of. You need to use a special shampoo and conditioner, which protects the delicate human hair. It is recommended that you shampoo your wig twice a month in the summer and every four weeks in the cooler seasons. DO NOT APPLY EXCESSIVE HEAT. Excessive heat will damage your wig fibre. So, in keeping with the above recommendation, be sure to shampoo and condition the wig in luke-warm water. Make sure that you are keeping the hair in one direction and moving your hand from base to the ends of the hair, to avoid knots and tangles. Do not rub or scrub. Next, using cool water, rinse thoroughly each time. Then wrap the wig in a towel, squeeze most of the water out, shake the wig twice, and spray it with leave-in conditioner. Do not rinse out. Brush very gently, using a hair pick or wire brush. Style it on your styrofoam mannequin head. Wig maybe set in rollers and placed under a dryer or left overnight to dry. Curling iron, flat iron or round brush and hair dryer may be used (wig needs to be styled or set each time it is cleaned or wet). When you are satisfied with the style, spray the hair using a non-alcohol hair spray to preserve the look you have created.
  When you're not wearing your wig, store it undisturbed, placed on the styrofoam head in an airy but shady place. Sunlight or artificial light can fade your wig's hair colour. Wash the wig as little as possible. If a wig is worn every day, it is a good idea to have a back-up piece.

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