In 2003, a wonderful Canadian program called Angel's Hair for Kids was founded by A Child’s Voice Foundation, directed by Roslyn Yearwood. The foundation provides high-quality wigs to financially disadvantaged Canadian children who have experienced hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiation to the scalp, burn
accidents, alopecia, or other medical issues. Wigs and hair prostheses help to restore children’s self-esteem, enabling them to face their world and their peers with confidence. At a time of life when appearance and body image are crucial, Angel Hair for Kids helps children to maintain a feeling of normalcy.

  A Child’s Voice Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to meet the physical and emotional needs of sick and disadvantaged children across Canada. All Hair Alternatives Studio and Bea's Mastectomy Boutique joined forces with Angel's Hair for Kids; we work together to offer this incredible and much-needed program.

  A child’s illness places an incredible financial stress on a family: having a wig made for a child can cost more than a $1,000.00. Organization helps parents with little to no financial means to purchase a wig for their daughter or son. They can’t do it alone: they need your help, whether it comes in the form of donated hair or financial contributions.

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