The creative stylists at AHA Studio know the secret of a good hairstyle: they work with the texture of your hair, discuss your personal sense of style with you, and help you to select the cut and the look that will make you sparkle. We’re attentive to your needs. We listen as you describe your lifestyle and your preferences; then we work with your natural beauty to give you a look that suits you. If you’ve always wanted highlights, curls, or a whole different colour, we can make it happen! We can recommend an attractive solution that is easy on your hair. We are also happy to give you expert tips on how to maintain your look, and how to select the best and most effective products to use at home.

  Our services include:
  • cutting and styling
  • permanent and semi-permanent waves
  • highlights and low lights
  • colour and straightening
  • “Great Lengths” hair extensions
  • up-dos and fancy styling for formals, weddings, and other special occasions.
    Our talented stylists are trained to cut and style all types of hair.
  We welcome everyone: men, women and children.

Hairstyls for all occassions